Professor James Small to Speak at 2014 Capital City Kwanzaa Festival


A distinguished member of the faculties at City University of New York, City College of New York’s Black Studies Department, where he taught courses on Pan-Africanism and comparative African religions, and New York City Technical College with a focus on African Folklore & Religion — in the Diaspora and in Africa, Professor Small is a scholar activist. He is a past president of the Eastern Region of the Association for the study of Classical African Civilization, and he has been centrally affiliated with the Organization of Afro-American Unity, Malcolm X’s Muslim Mosque, Inc., the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the

NAACP, among others. His work has a global reach as evidenced by his appearances and organizations in the Caribbean, Africa and Europe such as African-American Management Company, Ghana, Ltd. Prof. Small is also currently conducting online courses on African Spirituality covering the Yoruba Ifa Tradition, the Akan spiritual system, Voodou/Vodun and Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) sacred science. He is also leading educational & cultural pilgrimage/tours throughout Africa, Haiti and the United States.

His topic for the 2014 Capital City Kwanzaa Festival follows the event’s theme, Reclaiming our Communities through Self-Determination. He will entertain questions from the audience and also facilitate a small group discussion.


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