2016 Capital City Kwanzaa Festival Keynote Speaker – Dr. Patricia Newton aka Nana Akosua Akaa


Dr. Patricia A. Newton Speaks. The festival’s keynote speaker will unpack the event theme from the place of the psycho-social-spiritual wellbeing of African people. The CEO and Medical Director of the Black Psychiatrists of America and Medical Director of Newton & Associates, PA, specialists in Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, Patricia Newton, M.D., MPH, M.A., aka Nana Dr. Akosua Akyaa, also lectures in Ghana, South Africa, England, Spain, Senegal, Egypt, Ethiopia and Brazil. Her practice concentration is in the areas of anxiety disorders — post traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and social phobia. She has served as a consultant to the Congressional Black Caucus’ Brain Trust for health care policy development. She is currently in the process of a book launch entitled Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder, which will publish in three languages — English, Spanish and Portuguese — later this year. Dr. Newton has worked with traditional and indigenous healers of South America, Ghana, Senegal and South Arica, and she is an enstooled female king and queen mother in the Asante region of Ghana. A divisional chief, a Dompiahene, of the Agogo Traditional area, she is one of the first females to serve in this capacity and has the full rights afforded Asante royalty.

Her topic for the 2016 Capital City Kwanzaa Festival follows the event’s theme,

Celebrating Our Magnificence. She will entertain questions from the audience and also facilitate a small group consultation.


“Dr. Newton, like Dr. Welsing, has always been about the psycho-social-spiritual wellbeing of African people. Her work is critically important as we prepare to face the most racially divisive time in US history since the Civil War.” – Dr. Anthony Browder



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