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Cultural Ambassador 2011

Elegba, from the Yoruba cosmology of West Africa, is an Orisa or intercessor who opens the roads, bringing clarity out of confusion.  The Elegba Folklore Society is a year-round, lively celebration of African and African American culture.   Enjoy art and imports in our cultural center.  Sway with our performance company in the warmth and feel of an African village.  Awaken your spirit!  Or, participate in a guided heritage tour along the trail of enslaved Africans and of other notable sites.  The Capital City Kwanzaa Festival, Down Home Family Reunion, a Celebration of African American Folk Life, and Juneteenth, A Freedom Celebration are events that have delighted audiences for 23 years.  The Society offers the best in African Diasporic cultural experiences, promoting an understanding of the present by valuing the past.

Elegba Folklore Society
Richmond’s Cultural Ambassador
Embrace the Spirit!

“The Elegba Folklore Society has worked wonders in helping build bridges between communities. It has provided unique educational opportunities through the arts while representing the best of Richmond here at home and in locations across the Commonwealth and United States…Always carrying a message of community and earning friends for our great city.”

— Mayor Timothy M. Kaine, 1999 (Currently serves as US Senator from Virginia)



Elegba Folklore Society’s programs were international signature events of the United Nations’ 2011 International Year for People of African Descent.  An excerpt of the declaration said, “The international community has affirmed that the transatlantic slave trade was an appalling tragedy not only because of its barbarism but also because of its magnitude, organized nature and negation of the essential humanity of the victims…. Even today, Africans and people of African descent continue to suffer the consequences of these acts and should be fully integrated into social, economic and political life and at all levels of decision-making.”


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