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Heritage Crafts (workshop)

Take-home craft making, in a variety of projects, takes on a deeper meaning in these cultural enrichment workshops where fun is combined with hand-eye coordination, artistic skills-building and important perspectives about heritage.  Reserve for your group; come to our place or invite us to yours.  Contact us about workshop titles and tuition.

Participant Comment:
“Thank you for a fun class and the positive cultural symbol I made.”
Traditional Dance, Music & Culture from the Manding Cosmology & the Djembe Orchestra 
Free Your Mind, Attune Your Body, Release Your Spirit in Movement & Rhythm!  
Add Yoga & Fitness for 360° of Self-Love.

“I think this program is awesome.”  — Drum student

“I absolutely LOVE this class.  It’s [informative] as well as spiritually fulfilling. …It would be an awsome experience to be able to perform one day…”

“Was a blessing to be a part of all the love and warmth.  Special thanks to our instructors & drummers.  Much prosperity & overflow.” — Student

Auditions to Join our Performance Company are Open.