Cultural Center

Elegba Folklore Society’s Cultural Center

Combining Richmond’s classic style with today’s pace and palette, Elegba Folklore Society offers meeting and reception space in its turn of the century downtown gallery. Inside a beautifully renovated corner building, Elegba Folklore Society has created a warm and eclectic gallery of fine art, imports and crafts. Meditate, browse, buy. Perhaps unexpectedly, Elegba Folklore Society’s Cultural Center has the perfect ambience for your event: workshop, committee meeting or press conference. It is an artful location for an intimate dinner meeting, wine-and-cheese reception or for the social affair after the business is done. We can provide complete catering and entertainment services. Our expertise, honed from experiences with a diverse client base, guides us in attending to your minute details — the things that really make a difference.

Classes, Classes, Classes!

Traditional Dance, Music & Culture from the Manding Cosmology & the Djembe Orchestra Free Your Mind, Attune Your Body, Release Your Spirit in Movement & Rhythm!

The African Drum Workshop Saturdays @ 11:00a (Weekly) Age 9 is Fine… & Up

African Dance & Cultural Traditions Saturdays @ 11:30a (Weekly) Ages 6 – 86

Auditions to Join our Performance Company are Open.

Gallery Tour

Elegba Folklore Society’s Cultural Center exhibits art and artifacts year round. The shows present fine and craft art from around the African world and offer educational, interpretive opportunities for groups in an interactive gallery tour.

Participant Comment:

“This is a very interesting place. Almost everything I have seen I have loved, and half of the objects were all new to me.”

Lunch — In The House

Enrich any visit to our cultural center with an “African-style” meal to learn the origin of familiar, tasty foods and communal eating traditions.

Participant Comment:

“What I liked most was the comfortable, communal manner in which our lunch was served and consumed. Thank you for this relaxing addition to our visit. It was like family.” 

Wow! It’s Black Barbie (traveling exhibition)

In your space, enjoy a spectacular, unrivaled, breathtaking collection of historic and magnificent designer Black Barbie dolls. Featured is African American haute couture fashion designer Byron Lars. With hundreds to choose from for your gallery or exhibition area, beckon and enchant visitors with the breadth of images, appreciation of art in popular culture, concepts in collecting and social awareness. This exhibit can invite community, encourage discussion, serve as a stimulus for fund raising and delight.

Visitor Comments:

“Wow is right! I am blown away by the number of dolls, their variety and the tenacity of the collector.”

“I don’t frequent galleries, but now I want to know more about art.”

“My children were drawn in by the positive and beautiful images of Black women. This display lifts the heads of girls and boys telling them to be superior and self-assured.”

Heritage Crafts (workshop)

Take-home craft making, in a variety of projects, takes on a deeper meaning in these cultural enrichment workshops where fun is combined with hand-eye coordination, artistic skills-building and important perspectives about heritage.

Participant Comment:

“Thank you for a fun class and the positive cultural symbol I made.”